Thistlemint Studios
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Model Release & Agreement





  1. Portrait Agreement and Model Release Terms and Conditions: The session fee is $______ for the ____ hour session, and $_____ extra for sessions lasting over the agreed time. This pays for photographer’s time, artistic vision, and editing only. Fee is due at the time of the session. Print and other item prices are separate from session fees. Images will be available approximately 30 days after your photo session and will be presented to you in an online gallery. There will be about roughly 30-100 images to choose from, depending on the session you have chosen. Ordering is encouraged within 2-3 weeks, as I remove the images from the gallery to make room for others. There is a $30 minimum print purchase. Payment of any order is due in full when you place the order. All orders placed from your gallery will be ready for you within 2 weeks after your payment is received.  Payment may be in the preferred form of cash or through the Venmo app. Checks are also acceptable (please make checks out to Kailyn A. Myers Clevenger).

  2. Location Costs and Fees: If there are any costs/fees associated with the location the client has chosen for their session, you, the client, will be responsible for those fees. The photographer will not guarantee or arrange payment on any location. Creative fee covers travel within Yamhill County. Any location outside of these limits will be subject to an additional charge of $1.00/mile as part of the agreement.

  3. Rescheduling: If an illness or situation prevents a photo session from taking place, the client may reschedule their session at least 24 hours prior to their shoot without penalty. Should client fail to give 24 hours notice, or decide to completely cancel the shoot, this session fee is forfeited and will not be refunded. Photographer reserves the right to reschedule due to illness, weather, equipment malfunction, or other circumstances beyond their control.

  4. A word about Copyright: The Federal Copyright Law protects copyright. It is unlawful to copy or scan any images without permission of the photographer. Even though the pictures may be of you or your child, the photographer still owns the copyright to the image. In order to control the quality of the work produced, the photographer is the only one who can crop or modify any image produced at this photo session. The photographer retains the copyright and ownership of all images of the photo session and reserves the right to reproduce images for portfolio, studio display, gallery display, website, self- promotion, photo contests, etc. Clients are not allowed to reproduce any images produced by the photographer for any purpose, unless a print release has been provided.



** By signing this portrait agreement you are agreeing that you have fully read and understood the above Portrait Session and Model Release.



I hereby consent that the photographs taken and presented by this photographer may be used by Thistlemint Studios, for the purpose of display, portfolio, advertising, website or publication to promote the studio/her. I also agree that the images can be used without additional compensation to the undersigned. I have read the and fully understand the contents of this form/contract.



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