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coffee connoisseur, dog mama, Queen of D.I.Y., photographer...

You might think writing about yourself is as easy as pie, but news-flash it's actually quite a challenge. I'm not one to brag about myself but I know from past experiences it's always best to know the person behind the camera. So here goes nothin'! My name is Kailyn (pronounced kay-lin), I live with my wonderful boyfriend in the cutest little town of McMinnville, just south of Portland, Oregon. I am a mama to my adorable and trouble-making puppy, Sadie Blue. I have a weakness for flowers, iced coffee, and of course Pinterest. In my spare time I enjoy reading fun books, organizing our home, and binge-watching The Office, Greys Anatomy, Parks and Recreation, or The Ranch.

Photo taken by the lovely    Haley Swinth

Photo taken by the lovely Haley Swinth

real moments, captured to last a lifetime...

About my work, capturing precious moments of clients is what makes my heart sing. It could be as simple as two friends laughing about a silly inside joke, or the first look between a couple before their wedding, or maybe even a graduate showing off his or her customized cap. Our lives are filled with 'little moments', the ones that we wish we could take a mental picture of, and I love documenting those for my clients to hold on to for the rest of their lives.

bright, timeless, simple...

When it comes to 'style' I lean more towards simple and bright. I am a true believer that photo's should last a lifetime, and portray the happiness and joy I love capturing in my clients. I work with as much natural lighting as mother nature will allow, and love keeping colors original and, well... colorful!

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I love answering any questions I receive, and getting creative with shoots. Please don't hesitate to send a quick email or text for inquiries and ideas you may have. I also don't mind grabbing a cup of coffee for a quick meet up to discuss any visions or plans for photo sessions!